Wiz Khalifa Releases 'Smoke Chambers' Song: Inspires On Twitter

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Just when we all thought Wiz Khalifa was getting a little crazy, he drops a new track "Smoke Chambers," to give fans a little insight to what goes on in his mind.

(Audio Below)

"Smoke Chambers" does not feature a beat you would normally associate with Khalifa's music. It does fit the smoker's mentality of being laid back and a loner.

The lyrics are actually pretty deep as Khalifa talks about his early days when he was alone.

He also sends a message about making it big and always being in the limelight. There is a moment where he pleads with fans to put the camera phones away and just be real with him.

Clearly Khalifa has had a lot on his mind and it looks like we don't have to wonder what it was anymore.

Prior to the release of the track, Khalifa took to Twitter to inspire his fans with some deep and thoughtful words of advice.

"He also admits to be tired of partying and drinking all the time," according to HotNewHipHop.com. "For a dude who seems like the happy-go-lucky type, and who often encourages his fans to "smile" on twitter, it sounds like Wiz might be going through some things."

That some solid advice for someone who has really gone through a lot in the past year.

Listen to "Smoke Chambers"