Jacob Whitesides Releases New Single 'Words' On ITunes, #GoBuyWordsOnITunes Trending On Twitter

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Solo artist Jacob Whitesides released a new song today.

Whitesides is known for his singles, "3 AM," "You & I," and "You're Prefect." The Pop sensation has been building up quite a fanbase this year with the aforementioned songs all being released in 2014.

Today he added what is sure to be another hit to his fleet of songs in "Words."

The new song, "Words" currently sits on iTunes with a 5 star rating from 807 reviewers.

This young man seems to be doing something right in the eyes of his fans because they were able to get the hashtag, "GoBuyWordsOniTunes" trending on Twitter. This is sure to build some momentum for the young crooner.

As for the actual song, it is a slow love song ballad with a steady drum beat and melodic guitar backing Whitesides' stellar vocal performance.

The song lyrics talk about Whitesides not being able to put his feelings into - you guessed it, Words. Overall it is a solid song that should be seeing airplay very soon.

Check out @JacobWhitesides on Twitter and tell us what you think about his new song, "Words."