Mastodon's Video for "High Road" is an Epic Nerd Fantasy

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esterday Mastodon premiered the music video for their new single, "High Road." The song is off their latest album, Once More 'Round the Sun, which will be released June 26th.

In "High Road," Mastodon strays from their usual gloom and doom approach, opting for a more playful one. Giving a nod to the LARPing community (that's live-action role-playing, for those of you that aren't familiar), the video tells the tale of a quintessentially nerdy teenage boy who fantasizes about ruling a mythical throne and having a devoted harem of babes.

Unfortunately for him, his string-bean arms and spectacles make him a prime target for bullying.

In an attempt to actualize his fantasies, the boy joins a role-playing event where rowdy youth in costumes forge battles with plastic swords and foam noodles. The boy leaves defeated, returning to his grandparents' home where he undergoes a training montage the likes of Rocky.

Fueled by a new-found sense of confidence and a desperate need for revenge, he enters into battle once more.

Does he conquer the bullies and get the girl this time? Well, you'll just have to watch and find out for yourself.