J. Cole's Dreamville Artist Bas Releases 'Matches' and 'Clouds Never Get Old' Ahead of 'THTR'

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With the release of two new tracks "Matches" and "Clouds Never Get old" Bas now has a total of five singles for his fans ahead of the release of his upcoming album, Too High To Riot.

The first of the two new singles is titled, "Matches" and features production from Ron Gilmore. The Hics are also featured on the track where Bas is continuing to show the diversity in his lyrics.

He goes from talking about his Dreamville crew, to addressing all of the victims that died at the hands of police. It's a smooth track that is beautifully put together and speaks volumes of how talented Bas is.

"Matches" by Bas

If "Matches" wasn't enough, Bas also released another single titled, "Clouds Never Get Old." The song features production from Ogee Handz and DikC and is pretty smooth. It's a great track to ride to and Bas addresses some pretty real situations in relationships including loyalty.

So far.

Too High To Riot sounds like a very solid offering from Bas and fans won't have to wait too long to hear the rest of the the album as it is set to release Friday, March 4.

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"Clouds Never Get Old" by Bas