New Kendrick Lamar Track 'Partynauseous' Featuring Lady Gaga Surfaces

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Fresh off his appearance in Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video, Kendrick Lamar appears to have released a new track titled, "PARTYNAUSEOUS" featuring Lady Gaga.

(Audio Below)

"PARTYNAUSEOUS" has a deep rooted Hip-Hop undertone with a radio sound that resembles "Swimming Pools." The song was released by MAAD Management on Audiomack and it addresses gang violence and asks that rivals have enough courage to shake each other's hands.

Lamar's song comes at a pretty impactful time where the Baltimore riots saw rival gangs coming together for the righteous cause of stopping police brutality.

The song might be using a similar tactic from "Swimming Pools" where Lamar created a party anthem for a song that really addressed the overuse and peer pressure of the use of alcohol.

Now it looks like Lamar is trying to use that same tactic to reach a bigger accomplishment in ending gang violence on "PARTYNAUSEOUS." The new track was not featured on Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly," however it does feel as if it could have been a track that was destined for the cut.

Listen to "PARTYNAUSEOUS" below.

Photo courtesy of hds Flickr/Wikimedia Commons

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