Propaganda Posts Update For Their Guitar Player Search

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Propagahndi is continuing their search for a new guitar player. It began last week, when they announced that there would be an opening for the position. The response, according to an update on the band's website, has been good.

In response to this, they are asking applicants to submit videos of themselves playing guitar. If you are feeling confident, do so with no backing track.

And, if you really want to impress them, try adding in some backing vocals. The band stated in their first post that women are strongly encouraged to audition.

"Holy (expletive) people," Propagahndi posted on their website,"we've had over 400 inquiries about this in just 3 days, from all over the damn planet. Amazing and daunting. This might take a while to get through, so please be patient. It seems like a lot of people are asking what it is we're looking for specifically. i suppose most importantly we'd like to see footage of folks playing, say, any two of the following songs for starters: Night Letters, Status Update, Duplicate Keys, Note to Self, Failed States. Specifically Beave's parts of course, including things like his tasty volume swells, his beautifully timed delays and deep-woods ambience flourishes (atmosphere is a huge part of Beave's game.

If you don't got it, you better have something else wicked up your sleeveless). It's fine to play along to the record in your video, but we'd like to hear your guitar loud and clear. if you can do a version without any backing music, that would be helpful too.

If you're feeling really randy, throw in some of the backing vocals while you're at it for extra punk points. we'd also like to see some live performance footage of you in other bands if applicable.

Maybe tell us a little about yourself and recount your previous live/ tour experience. That kind of stuff."

For more about Propagahndi, you can view their entire discography here.