Tiger Waves Debuts New Single

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Tiger Waves, an original duo from Chicago and Austin made up of James Marshall and Reid Comstock, recently released their newest single "Weekends".

The duo formed back in the spring of 2011, and since then, have written their work from over 1,000 miles apart from each other.

The band was born of drop boxes, email attachments and CD-R's, but is considered anything but the "cold, detached product of two kids with MacBooks".

The work of Tiger Waves sounds more like a bit of "cosmic sunshine-pop flavored zeitgeist made by two music fans with some digital constraints and liberties," a recent press release stated about the duo's work.

Once Reid decided to make the move from Chicago to Austin, the duo soon turned into a quartet, adding the guitar and songwriting talent of Tyler Wharen and drum talent of Joshua Kerl.

Tiger Waves "know the tyranny of distance and they seemed to have tamed it for their purposes," the press release continued.

Their single was released in late December, but be sure to look out for more single releases and performance dates coming from Tiger Waves.