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I love all types of music, Im infatuated and drawn to all types of sounds and messages from different places. Even the islands.

I know when people think of Jamaica and its reggae music they think of a small handful of things.

They have to think about marijuana, they think about Bob Marley, Shaggy and Sean Paul have had amazing contribution to Jamaica's culture.

When you think about Jamaican you automatically have a commercial in your mind, that has the beach, sun tanned bodies and a Bob Marley song blaring to attract tourists from all walks of life. I can't be mad at it
I remember a time when I used to go to parties and hear this reggae music. Couldn't even understand all this patois but its was still intriguing. And I loved it. I saw reggae grow from Jamaica to around the world. It was awesome to watch. Reggae artists pairing up with some of american musics biggest names. Getting worldwide recognition and notoriety. It was awesome to watch. Then I got the opportunity to do some work in Jamaican around the music industry down there, I hopped to it.
My best friend and I got to La Guardia and documented everything. I felt like a semi-star. Sat on the plane and didn't sleep. Landed in the beautiful land of Jamaica and it was awesome. I was tired from not sleeping. But the energy from the island made me not even think of it. We waited for our driver and not long after sitting and setting our bags down, they arrived. I sat in the front seat, put the seat back and asked for some of the popular island music. The cd that was in had some good songs, and some bad ones.

I liked some but wasn't feeling a lot of them. Then one song came on that grabbed my attention. I heard it over and over and asked what it was. No one could give me an answer so I remembered enough of it so I could google it when I found wifi. I continued on with my trip and as quick as I came and enjoyed I had to leave.
I returned to America and I kept remembering the song and it was crazy I remembered enough words to google, like I promised myself. So when I did. I had found the artist named Chronixx. I hit the youtube. The song I was looking for was called "EX".

I fell in love with that song. Then I combed through many others. I found "smile Jamaica"(which I loved) but I didn't have a favourite. Well until I heard "warrior" and "behind curtains" which I was torn between.
Chronixx is the new face of reggae and the voice of a generation.

His catalogue already proves to be impressive. He has a smile that lights up a room and her is full of charisma.

I see the reggae industry coming back full force because of this artist. In a year of 2 we will all be high, high of Chronixx. One love.