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In my mothers kitchen putting away her groceries and having a seat hoping she would cook for me, I grab the converter. I skate they channels finding the typical. Then I saw that the grammys were coming on.

And thats what I would be doing. Queen Beyonce's silhouette graces the stage as she moves the crowd for her song "drunk in love". Shaking all that her mother gave her and Im sure the crowd appreciated that as much as I did. On the floor gyrating doing the Yonce she was soon accompanied by husband and mogul Jay-z. LL COOL J was hosting along side his kangol hat. Doing an ok job of opening up. A dressed down Pharell presented the first award of the night to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Then there was a performance by young sensation Lorde doing her smash hit "royals". She performed as if every note was a jolt of electricity going through her small frame. An awesome performance from nerwcomer Hunter Hayes was awesomely done. The night moved along nicely with laughs and cool presenters. Katy Perry then came along with a ghoulish performance where she performed along side the captain of twerk Juicy J.
A performance by Robin Thicke and Chicago moved the show nicely sounding like a day in the summer. Doing a medley of Chicago's songs while Robin accompanied like he was part of the band was amazing. Then breaking into his song "blurred lines". John Legend was the next performer. He tarted on his piano, singing and looking into the crowd as he was singing to someone specific(maybe his model wife). After that performance Charlie Wilson and the always funny Kevin Hart graced the stage to present the best rock song where Dave Grohl and Paul Maccartney won for their awesome song. LL COOL J came back to introduce Taylor Swift who also started her performance on the piano, she stayed far away from the regular, run of the mill performance that we would expect from her. Bruno Mars then welcomed Pink to perform where she had an aerial performance like she did at the Grammy's in 2010.

But still impressive nonetheless. Arianna Grande and Miguel gave an award to Lorde for her "ROYALS" song that was well deserved. Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath made an appearance presenting Ringo Starr to perform. Good to know history didnt squash this Beatle.
Jamie Foxx came on with a bit of comic relief to present for hip hop collab. where Jay-z was nominated for 2 awards. Which he won. LL COOL J presented Kendrick Lamar. He gave the performance with Imagine Dragon of the night(in my opinion) followed by Kacey Musgrave. Julia Roberts came onstage bringing forth The Beatles finishing to a well deserved standing ovation.

Gloria Estefan was also in attendance who presented for Best pop vocal album where Bruno Mars was the winner. Jeremy Renner brought on Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson singing about old highway stories giving the grammys a sombre country feeling. They were joined by Blake Shelton shortly after. Neil Patrick Harris welcomed on Daft Punk who performed with Neil Rogers and Pharell with the greatest of Great Stevie Wonder giving an extended version of "get lucky". Simply Stellar.

Jared Leto brought on Metallica who rocked, as usual. Steven Tyler and Smokie Robinson presented Record of the year which Daft Punk which was well deserved.

Macklemore performed bringing out Queen Latifah where couples exchanged rings pronouncing them married as Madonna came on to finish up the performance.

The Grammys proved to be one of the greatest shows on earth. Amazing acts and outfits, I was thoroughly impressed.