Alternative Punk-Rock Band, Larusso, Prepares for Upcoming Album Release

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As preparation to their upcoming full-length album release, alternative rock and pop-punk band, Larusso, has released their new single "The Voice". Listen to the single below!

The band is also currently on their "Don't Call it a Comeback" tour, which is one of their many recent West Coast tours.

Larusso has already released six independent albums, with their last release 'Tell Me Everything' in 2012. Consisting of Aaron, Tyler, Nick and Justin - the quartet has become a "local powerhouse and a significant presence in the western United States".

"Larusso has always been rooted in the belief that we, as individuals, can and will overcome the struggles and turmoil that we face in our day to day lives," the band recently stated. "'Life in Static' is a conceptual testament to this idea, it speaks to our nature as human beings, our hopes, strengths, downfalls, heartaches and adversities.

We want our listeners to take away one simple message from this record: we can always rise above and conquer, we can hear through the static in the background that we are invincible," they continued in their statement to their fans and listeners.

After taking a listen to their work, I was ultimately sucked into the catchy and real lyrics the band incorporated into their music. I was suddenly reminiscing of my high school years, obsessing over the alternative and punk sounds.

For those who are fans of Brand New and Amberlin, you are sure to fall for Larusso, a band on the rise from the West Coast.

The four-piece band from Salt Lake City's new album 'Life in Static' is set to be released later this summer on August 15th.

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