TDE President Punch Releases '25' Featuring Kendrick Lamar

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The Top Dawg Entertainment President Punch proves that he is more than just the head of some of the best rappers in the game with his release of "25" featuring Kendrick Lamar.

(Audio Below)

Punch addresses a hot topic in mainstream and social media right now in police brutality mixed with the hardships that plague the community that he grew up in, as well as communities all over the U.S. Lamar's soulful hook provides some context as he sings, "what we gotta do just to live, is try not to get our cap peeled." The song speaks of violence, triumph and elaborates on how hard it is to make it out of the street and become as successful as he has become today

"It's a timely release that warrants more than one listen," according to HotNewHipHop's Eric Jaffe, "Whether or not the song is going to land on any sort of larger project is still a mystery, but, if Punch's history of reader-approved releases is any indication, maybe it's time he starts pushing a full-length."

Listen to "25" Below