Scotty ATL Releases 'Nun But A Party' Featuring IAMSU! And B.o.B

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Rapper Scotty ATL drops "Nun But A Party," featuring B.o.B. and IAMSU! which take it back to classic party days of hip-hop.

The track features production from Childish Major and the beat is excellent. The sinister party beat is complimented by versus from all three lyricists as they paint the visual of the perfect party.

There is also a dark underlying tone in which gang references are made. Of course one of the most prevalent topics mentioned in the song is the women.

"Scotty ATL's dropped some pretty mazing tracks this year, but his new one, "Nun But A Party," might be the best one yet," says

"A lot of that is due to stellar contributions from IAMSU!, B.o.B and Childish Major, who all step up to make the track just the sort of party jam its name suggests."

Rather than having a Southern sounding party anthem it takes on a more West Coast style.

Listen to "Nun But A Party"