DJ Khaled's 'I Got the Keys' Ft. Jay Z and Future Sets the Bar High For 'Major Key'

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Just when we thought DJ Khaled set the bar high with his Drake collaboration "For Free," he managed to raise the bar even higher with "I Got the Keys" featuring Jay Z and Future, thus setting the bar ever so high for his Major Key album in its entirety.

When DJ Khaled tells you he only makes anthems for the streets, you know it's nothing but the truth.

Looking at his track record, there is no denying that Khaled has a natural formula for creating anthems. The summer hit "For Free" featuring Drake was definitely a major hit and Major Key, as Khaled would say.

Now, with the release of "I Got the Keys," featuring Jay Z and Future, Khaled manages to top "For Free." Not only is the production of a high caliber, the heavy trap inspired track features some slick verses from Jay Z and an intense chorus from hype general Future.

The drug references are sprinkled in and "I Got the Keys" solidifies the relationship between Jay Z and Khaled.

You can stream DJ Khaled's "I Got the Keys" featuring Jay Z and Future off the Major Keys album in the audio below.

Listen/Stream DJ Khaled's "I Got the Keys" featuring Jay Z and Future