The Howard Stern Show: Craig Ferguson Said Some Wierd Stuff To Mick Jagger

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On today's The Howard Stern Show, Craig Ferguson was in the studio to promote his new SiriusXM show. Howard Stern and Ferguson talked about a wide range of subjects.

Craig Ferguson's Traumatic Bed Wetting

Howard Stern and Craig Ferguson started the conversation by discussing Ferguson's childhood.

Ferguson explained how he was a "fat little kid" who got beaten up by everyone -- including the teachers -- and how people thought he was gay. And he wet the bed -- until 13.

Ferguson used to get into a lot of trouble; he even punched a cop once. He also admitted that he was in the US illegally for a long time, working construction jobs in Harlem and living above a a bakery.

Howard asked him if he was worried about being caught. Ferguson responded, "not for immigration...more for the cocaine use."

Howard Stern: Who The F--- Is Craig Ferguson?

Craig Ferguson said that he got the late night TV job through a "weird confluence of events." He had been on The Drew Carey Show, but other than that he was an unknown.

Howard Stern said that when he first heard of Ferguson, he asked "who the f---" is that?

Ferguson explained that everyone hated him when he started doing late night.

When he first started, he went on Regis and Kathie Lee as well as Howard Stern's show. He tried to imitate Regis in order to fill time on his show.

Howard and Ferguson discussed meeting beautiful actresses on his show. Ferguson explained that the whole thing is a game.

At first, he thought the women actually may have been interested in him, because they flirted on the show.

But eventually he realized that was all fake.

Ferguson actually went out one a date with Sharon Stone, but he couldn't "close the deal." He tried to be seen as much as possible by the paparazzi so he could get some publicity.

Craig Ferguson Admits He And David Letterman Weren't Friends

Given that David Letterman was essentially his boss, people think that the two were friends.

Ferguson said he was nice, at the beginning -- but calling him "friendly is too much." They rarely saw each other, and Ferguson admitted "we were cordial, but we were never friends." He called Letterman "painfully awkward."

Howard Stern asked if it was true that Ferguson had in his contract a clause that said that he would receive $5 million if he didn't get Letterman's slot.

Ferguson said the number was wrong, but he admitted that the general concept was correct.

Craig Ferguson On Mick Jagger

Craig Ferguson talked about working on a movie with Mick Jagger.

Ferguson was really embarrassed because when he first saw Jagger, he called him "adorable." Ferguson also said that whenever he saw Jagger, all he thought was whether Jagger put a candy bar in Marianne Faithfull.

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