Travis Scott Teaches Justin Bieber How to Rage

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Fresh off the release of his Rodeo album last Friday, Travis Scott has yet to stop raging and it looks like he has a student in training. His name is Justin Bieber.

(Watch Bieber and Scott crowd surf below)

You might be asking "What Do You Mean?" well, Bieber happened to be in New York at 1 OAK where Scott was performing. Like Scott did last week he invited Bieber up on stage with him and the two were jamming out to "Nightcrawler" and "Antidote" before they dove into the crowd and continued to rage.

Scott is known for having wild concerts and any controversy has for the most part, been around his performances like the one at Hot 97's Summer Jam where he kicked a camera man off of the stage.

Bieber is in New York preparing for his "Free Show in NYC" tomorrow for the "Today Show," following the enormous success of his single "What Do You Mean?". Scott helped Bieber promote the single and Bieber appears on Scott's "Maria I'm Drunk" track off of Rodeo.

All in all the two have gotten pretty close and have really been able to benefit from each other.

Justin Bieber and Travis Scott Raging and Crowd Surfing.