Sia's 'Cheap Thrills' Ends The Week At Number One On Billboard's Hot 100 Chart

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It looks like Sia's "Cheap Thrills" isn't done dominating the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, As of Friday, August 19, "Cheap Thrills" is still number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and doesn't look to be bothered by it's competition.

"Cheap Thrills" has been a force to reckon with on the Billboard Hot 100, taking out Drake's "One Dance" before almost being dethroned by Major Lazer and Justin Bieber's "Cold Water." However, it doesn't look like "Cold Water" has quite the traction to be able to overcome Sia's dominance.

"Cheap Thrills" is one of the most infectious tracks out at the moment and the radio stations know it. The song is constantly in rotation and it's summer vibe is a perfect way to carry us through to the end of the season.

There is no telling how long the track will last atop the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, especially with "Cold Water" breathing down its neck.

What we do know is that Sia has been unstoppable on the music scene.

She has written songs for some of the biggest artists out including Rihanna and her own musical career has generated a ton of critical acclaim.

So, how will next week's Billboard Hot 100 Chart look? Let us know if you think Major Lazer and Justin Bieber's "Cold Water" will finally peak at number one next week.