P. Reign Tops Billboard Charts with DnF - Video On The Way

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Rapper P. Reign is making some big waves this week by overthrowing Bobby Shmurda on the Billboard Emerging Artist chart with his song DnF.

The song features Drake & Future with a heavy auto-tune throughout the song (I though Jay-Z killed auto-tune back in 2009?).

The song release finally drops Bobby Shmurda out of the #1 slot and pop artist Meghan Trainor takes hold of the #2 slot. Meghan is getting attention with her super-pop song 'All About That Bass'.

P. Reign also posted a few photos from the music video shoot last week which feature ex-reality star Deelishis. Deelishish also made waves when she posted herself shaking her booty to Bobby Shmurdas song 'Hot Nigga'.

There is no release date for the music video yet, though given the momentum of the song, we can expect one any day. P. Reign is currently signed with RCA Records and his first mixtapes were released back in 2010.

If DnF can place him on the overall charts, it would be the first time that P. Reign would get noticed on the big stage.