Jared Leto Wants you to Join him 'Into The Wild'

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Jared Leto the singer, actor, and director wants you to join his band 30 Seconds to Mars on a mission over the hill.

Into the Wild is a documentary series which allows fans an exclusive insight into the band on tour. The series supports the bands album "This is War."

(Trailer for Into the Wild Below)

The series airs through an online broadcast company. There are three different purchase options. Either buy a one day pass, a season pass, or a VIP pass which gives you extra exclusive content.

Leto is probably known these days for his role in Dallas Buyers Club which also starred Mathew Mcconaughey. It was nominated for several Oscars and of course both actors won awards for their performances in the film.

The Guinness World Records awarded 30 Seconds to Mars with the longest running rock tour of all time.

By giving fans an option to see the behind the scenes of this record setting tour, especially online, it is really a revolution in itself.

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