Maggie Rogers' 'Alaska' Has Hit 1 Million Streams In Less Than A Week

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In the matter of 6 days since she posted the mastered version of her track "Alaska," Maggie Rogers has hit 1.04 million streams proving that the song hasn't just impressed Pharrell.

"Alaska" was first shared in a Masterclass session with Pharrell Williams.

His positive feedback and overall reaction to the song was enough to go viral and fans were left wanting to hear the official/mastered version of the track.

Six days ago, Rogers obliged the fans by wiping her Soundcloud clean of her previous music and released the official version of "Alaska."

Fans have commented about how beautiful the track is, the fact that they have been waiting for it for too long and that they can't seem to get enough of it. "Alaska" has managed to solidify itself as a truly remarkable release for Rogers.

There is no denying that fans must be lurking on her Soundcloud page to see what else Rogers has in store for them.

The folk and electronic notes in the song happens to make for an intoxicating experience, which could be the reason why the song has been so successful thus far.

If you haven't already, you can listen to "Alaska" by Maggie Rogers below.

"Alaska" By Maggie Rogers