Red Cafe: Smoking hot to ice cold

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A couple of summers ago, this artist had some huge songs floating around, had a good little buzz circulating - but after a while, went kind of cold.

He is on the Bad Boy staff and every time he seems to get a little "cold", he emerges again with new records and surprisingly they are good records. I have had my eye on Red Cafe since the days of "I'm Ill", so I've always been a believer. If he wasn't any good, I don't think Sean Combs would even waste his time. This Red Cafe, what can you say about him: he knows how to write a song, and he knows how to pick his collaborations and knows when to release. He sounds like an actual artist. I start this song and the song sounds like something that should only be listened to at high volumes.

Before he starts the bragging session, he shouts out the head of BadBoy Entertainment. No! Not Diddy- Biggie. And right after his words to St.

Christopher, he goes in and wastes no time. He lets the world know that he's ice cold. Judging by his voice, you can tell he is serious, and the song is good.

Red Cafe was once a popular rapper, but has not been having much attention these days.

Red Cafe is ready, he sounds like a seasoned vet but also sounds like her can run with the youngsters.

With more songs like this, I can see a full length project filled with features and good songs, for this is clearly just the beginning.

Red Cafe- Ice Cold: