The Chainsmokers Release 'Kanye' Music Video and Comment on Full House

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Chainsmokers released the official video for 'Kanye' this week, much to the elation of their fans.

The guys helped on the back-end of the video (a rarity these days) and both the song and video carry with it a beautiful theme. Niklaus Lange is the director and theAudience produced the video.

The song is the groups second original, and a follow up to the ultra massive sensation #SELFIE. The guys aren't too worried about topping the #SELFIE mania, they just want to put out good music. So Kanye is the next step in their progression, and yes it involves Mr.

Kanye West. And you may be asking, what does Kanye think? Well, Kanye himself listened to the track and drumroll... he loved it.

The group has a cool little quiz to take as well to interact with both the band and other fans.

Chainsmokers commented on the video:
Initially when setting out to come up with the idea for the video we found ourselves struggling with the feel of the video.

Do we do something funny? Do we involve dancey? How high budget can we go? How do we make something that's not cheesy but tells this message? The music video is such an important piece of the song we really struggled with it for a while...

and eventually we decided on this brilliant concept that closes the door on #selfie and opens the next one which we loved.

We also asked the guys a few questions (in our own special way):

In 3 words, what has this year been like for you guys?
Massive , Enlightening, Incredible

Do you guys actually like Kanye?
Hell yes dude is the man! Can't get enough!

Did you really rack up $4000 in hotel damages with a pillow fight?
Haha well we didn't Adventure Club did, but yes that happened, the email was priceless... honestly we thought it was going to be a lot more!

How come you didn't do the ice bucket challenge naked?
hahaha for many many reasons!

How excited are you for the potential Full House re-boot?
no one is more excited about that than us! we want to bring back the cast in our next video!

Watch the video here.