Sting Performs Live On The Howard Stern Show

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Sting made another visit to The Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show where he delivered a series of awesome performances, chatted about nearing the 100 million albums sold mark and much more.

Stern introduced Sting to the show as some relief after all of the political talk that the show had been engaging in.

He pointed out that Sting has had plenty of success in his solo career and as a member of The Police.

Over the years, he has won a total of 16 Grammy's however, Sting told Stern that they are pretty much meaningless to him.

(Audio Stream Below)

He and Stern chatted about his early life where Sting said he grew up in a generation where he was told not to express emotion.

Later on in the interview, Stern brought up the fact that Sting was actually a teacher for some time.

"Howard asked Sting about becoming a teacher and if that was so he could play music. Sting said he did that so he could write songs while the children were doing their math," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said he could have fallen into that life and been a teacher. Sting said he could still fall back into that if the music doesn't work out.

He said he was teaching 12 year olds at the time. Howard said he taught them everything. Sting said he was a soccer coach too."

Sting's performances consisted of "Message In A Bottle," "Every Breath You Take" and "I Can't Stop Thinking About You." His latest album 57th and 9th is scheduled to release on Friday, November 9.

You can check out the biggest highlights and performances from Sting's visit to The Stern Show in the audio streams below.

Sting On The Police's Success

Sting Performs "Message In A Bottle"

Sting Performs "Every Breath You Take" and Explains Puff Daddy's Version

Sting Talks His New Album 57th & 9th

Sting Performs "I Can't Stop Thinking of You"

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