On The Rise: Yury

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Yury is quickly making his mark on the Pittsburgh music scene, a city he has called home since high school.

With his recent release of his newest album 'The Placebo Effect' and many music video releases, Yury plans to leave an even bigger mark on the Pittsburgh scene with the new year approaching.

Yury's music is a mix of "conventional hip-hop motifs and contemporary electronic elements, placing him firmly in both the traditional and the modern".

There hasn't been anyone like Yury in the rap music scene yet, placing him in a unique spectrum of music of his own.

While young, Yury and his family moved across four different countries, with stops in cities including Minsk, Kiryat Shmona, Toronto and Little Rock, before landing in the steel city of Pittsburgh.

It was here where Yury graduated high school from Taylor Alderdice, the alma mater of two Billboard Pittsburgh rappers Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller.

"It's awesome to see these locals hit Billboard records. It gives me goals to set myself," Yury stated of his fellow classmates' success.

Yury went on to enroll at University of Pittsburgh, but always knew that producing and creating music was the career he wanted to pursue. "I've always loved music. When it came to real jobs, I've tried, but soon realized that I would rather make money doing something that I absolutely love.

The first time I was really like, "wow, this is what I really want to do" is when I watched the documentary by Justice 'Across the Universe'," Yury explained.

"They just toured around the world, they live a rock star life and it's the type of music I love. It really inspired me to pursue my music career even more."

He began producing music in his spare time, and within a few years, decided to kick off his rapping career.

Although he is a rapper, Yury explained that a large portion of the music he listens to is electronic, which led him to using electronic influences in his own music writing and producing, and even some of his top musical influences fall into the electronic music genre.

"I am inspired by Daft Punk and Crystal Castles, and as far as rappers go for influences in my own music, I respect a great deal of them and compare and learn from them daily," Yury explained of who he gains some of his musical inspiration from.

Yury just recently released his music video for the single "Worry", which was directed by Bill Paladino.

The video can be viewed below, and Yury's recent album 'The Placebo Effect' can be found on Spotify.

For some solid beats and unique sounds, be sure to give this rapper on the rise a listen, and be on the look out for more to come from Yury in 2014!