Eminem and Redman Collaboration Might Be in the Works

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When Eminem called into the Shade 45 radio show, the last thing listeners expected was to hear about a possible collaboration between him and Redman, however, it might be happening at some point.

Redman was a guest on the Shade 45 and was not prepared when he was told that Eminem was on the line. The two went back and forth continuously praising each other with Redman confirming that he does consider Eminem as a top tier rapper among the other two big names; The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac.

They exchanged stories including one from Eminem who snapped a photo from Redman's house while visiting New York.

Eminem said he wanted to have the photo signed by Redman, who agreed to do so and to also get Eminem some memorabilia for a project that he is working on.

"You know like I've said publicly man, you're one of my favorites of all time so that's never gonna change," said Eminem to Redman.

Redman issued his support for Eminem who also said he can't wait for the upcoming Redman album titled, Mudface. Redman says that he is doing another album called Muddy Waters and publicly asked for another collaboration with Eminem who instantly said he was onboard. There you have it folks, look out for another collaboration between Redman and Eminem at some point in the future.

Check out the full audio from the interview below.