What Happened To 'The Agenda With Ari Rabin-Havt'? Mark Thompson Take SiriusXM Progress Slot

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This morning, many SiriusXM Progress listeners were surprised when they turned on the radio to hear Make It Plain with Mark Thompson instead of The Agenda with Ari Rabin-Havt.

Make It Plain has now replaced The Agenda in the morning line up permanently. So what happened?

Little has been discussed about the departure of Rabin-Havt, who hosted The Agenda for over five years. In January, he indicated that he was having his last ever broadcast on SiriusXM Progress, but he did not say exactly what he would be doing.

At the end of his last broadcast, Rabin-Havt had a small celebration with panel members and crew. Since then, Rabin-Havt's was mostly unceremoniously replaced by substitute hosts for the past few weeks.

Now, however, we do know what Ari Rabin-Havt left The Agenda to do. It turns out that he has taken a job as senior advisor to Bernie Sanders.

It's unclear what he'll be doing in that role; however, it is an extremely visible role, and Rabin-Havt will likely have a major say in the policies that Sanders puts forward in the future.

Sanders has become an extremely significant figure on the left as an opponent to Donald Trump. After Hillary Clinton all but disappeared, Sanders and Elizabeth Warren became the two prominent figures leading the anti-Trump movement.

Interestingly, Rabin-Havt was not a major backer of Sanders during the 2016 election. On The Agenda, he consistently remained neutral between Sanders and Clinton -- even though most other SiriusXM Progress hosts promoted one of the candidates over the other.

After a few weeks in which SiriusXM Progress continued The Agenda with substitute hosts, they have now moved Make It Plain with Mark Thompson into the morning lineup.

The show will be replacing The Agenda throughout the schedule. The Stephanie Miller Show, which is on at 9:00 AM ET every morning will continue in its current time slot.

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