YG's New Album Title 'Still Brazy' and Release Date Revealed

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The new music for the summer is really starting to heat up as YG recently revealed the new album title, Still Brazy and the official release date for the project.

One of the men who brought us "FDT" and his latest single, "Why You Always Hatin'" featuring Drake and Kamaiyah is now making it official that he is back.

YG's new album title is Still Brazy and from what we already heard on the single, it's that West Coast style that we know and love from the rapper.

Still Brazy seems to show more of the Blood type of dialect where they completely annex the use of C's in their speech dude to it being the first letter of the Crips, a rival gang.

His debut album My Krazy Life also annexed the C in crazy, making it a clear pattern for YG.

The debut album was one of the best pieces out of the West Coast next to TDE's big lineup. It's expected that YG will really be delivering a treat for his fans with the upcoming album.

The expectation for Still Brazy is it will be a bouncy project with hard-hitting verses about the streets. Still Brazyis scheduled to release on June 17, which happens to be just a little over two weeks away.