Pow! Shares First Single on Brooklyn Vegan

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Come mid-January, Pow! will be preparing for the release of their debut LP 'Hi-Tech Boom'. The group from San Francisco is mixing punk with tech, including simple, angry and effective guitar, synth bass and drums.

Pow!'s work has been compared to 80's synth bass with an addition of guitar and drums and deep dead-pan vocals. "Pow! Have written a punk eulogy to our fair city," a recent press release stated about the band's unique eclectic punk electronic sound.

"The recording is simple and dense, and it has a natural Doppler effect on headphones. It's perfectly poppy and rough at the same time, and it has a message, so dig in ear-wise."

The music is different than anything you've ever heard, so give it a listen and give your earbuds a taste into some new, extreme talent. For more information about Pow!'s upcoming release, visit http://straighttothekisser.blogspot.com.