Jay Electronica's New 'Road To Perdition' Song Ft. Jay Z Ad-Libs, Teasing Album On Twitter?

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Well Jay Electronica, the rapper who is more like a unicorn these days in Hip-Hop, released a new track titled, "Road To Perdition," featuring some ad-libs from Jay Z.

(Audio Below)

The new track, "Road To Perdition," features an old school beat and some pretty hot verses from Electronica.

Electronica proclaims, "my road to glory was road to perdition and Act II: The Turn is just a memoir with no omissions." Well after this fire verse from Electronica, it's safe to say that fans would finally like to get the, "Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn)" the album that has been promised for years now in their playlists.

After the leak, Electronica took to Twitter to not only release a better quality version of the track, but also seems to be teasing fans once again.

With the tweet shown below, it looks like the artist is insinuating that there is something in the works from Roc Nation.

"Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) has almost become myth at this point, considering how long fans have been waiting on it," reports Rose Lilah of HotNewHipHop.

"Jay goes through periods where he's active either on twitter/or releasing a song or two, and during one such period in 2014 he assured fans the album would be dropping (in 2014)."

Electronica was once revered as the second coming of greatness and one of the best new talents in Hip-Hop. After signing with Roc Nation is 2010, somewhere along the road to greatness Electronica disappeared and sparsely released music over the past couple of years.

Even after repeatedly promising the release of his album "Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn)." With every release comes the hope that fans can actually look forward to an album soon.

Does this release mean a possible Beyonce/Drake style release out of nowhere? Well that may just be wishful thinking, however, fans can still enjoy Jay Electronica's craft on "Road To Perdition."

Listen to "Road To Perdition" Below