Tricky Releases Track 'Lonnie Listen' on Spotify

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British alternative hip hop artist, Tricky releases a new upcoming album track, Lonnie Listen, featuring Francesca Belmonte and New York rapper Mykki Blanco.

Announced on his Twitter account, the track can be listened to exclusively on Spotify.

Both Tricky and Blanco enjoy defying musical genres, putting their own twists to them. The new released track has a rap/hip hop feel to it.

Francesca Belmonte begs the question in the song, "My kids are hungry and I aint got shit. What am I gonna do. What would you do?"

The Lonnie Listen track is small snippet or preview of Tricky's forthcomming album Adrian Thaws. According to Pitchfork, Adrian Thaws is out September 8 by his label False Idols.

*You can also listen to a well curated Spotify playlist of Tricky's tracks throughout his music career dubbed The Diary of Adrian Thaws. Check it out.