Mac Millers Most Dope Family Starting To Branch Off

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Mac Miller made a career for himself through YouTube and through all the fame, he kept his Most Dope crew around, although he did stop giving the thumbs up.

First we wrote about DJ Clockwork and his new song 'Clocktwerk', but the newest member of the rhyming crew is Bill Niels.

Bill can be seen in a ton of the Mac Miller music videos and is usually jumping around acting crazy.

Going just by 'Bill', Macs crew member alludes to a mixtape on the way and even put out music all the way back to late 2013.

A song called 'Vagrant' especially made the rounds of the emerging artist circles. And with a backer like Mac Miller, who wouldn't get some attention?

However, Bill has been largely absent from the MTV show 'Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family', and he looks to be trying to carve out a career for himself.

Other members of Most Dope like Quentin Cuff, Big Dave, and James Murton have not yet made the leap into music.

With all the crew members starting to branch off, could Mac Miller could be building his own G-Unit.
Check out one of his videos here.

Is Tree J up next or will he stick to video production?