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I'm a hip hop connoisseur, a lover of all things music.

And its takes a lot to impress me. I wrote a story about how Nicki and her new song almost never did that but the response that was placed strategically by Cassidy did.

I wasn't looking forward to anything else, no lying here. So one day I was writing and I interrupted by the rings of my Skype. And it was a friend of mine suggesting that I listen to this new rap sensation. I was reluctant. so I pulled back and wasted time. I didn't really care. I spoke with him for a couple hours and then I hung up. I went back to writing and I laughed that he had the nerve to suggest anything musical to me. HA! I went to my youtube and I listened to my regulars.

But the song that my friend has sent was haunting me. I had to check this link. So i looked around to see if anyone was watching. I was alone.

I clicked. When I did. It was a current type of beat. Definitley from the south.

K Camp is the next big hip-hop artist

The video started with Camp and a sidekick finding a key to a house, that actually looks like the perfect place for a house party but at the same time looks a little bit bare. So they gain entry and walked about the residence. It was headed to cliche but it was saved because something was a bit different. They seemed like in the midst of holding wads of money, and singing about it they were having fun. A lot of fun. Yes, they were holding unexplainable amounts of money, and yes, there were a lot of women in a pool and yes, there was a hip hop jeep(Jeep with the doors and roof missing) but it was still fun. It seemed like it was ok to not talk about the trap for one song. Who was K. Camp I asked myself.

But asking wasn't enough. I had to seek. I stumbled upon another gem. And another. Hearing song after song I was beyond impressed.

He had videos that were impressive and even features from French Montana, Cyhi the Prince and many more. Every video provided me with a thirst wanting to know more about my new favourite ATLien.

Im looking forward to seeing more from K CAMP. Im hoping to see a lot of hits and no misses. Salute sir.