Vine Star Liane V Featured in Mucho Dinero's 'I Miss You' Tribute To Aaliyah

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When Liane V isn't busy making her hilarious Vines or attending promotional events, she is busy singing on tracks such as Mucho Dinero's "I Miss You" which released today.

"Mucho DeNiro's been supplying us with great music every Wednesday for his #MuchoWednesday series," says, "and today his new track comes with a dedication to Aaliyah."

The song is a nice tribute to Aaliyah and may be taken well by hardcore fans of the late R&B singer.

Dinero's verses are driven towards relationship advice and missing someone. Fans of Aaliyah's work might want to listen to the track and see exactly where it stands against the classic hit.

"'I Miss You' pays homage to [Aaliyah's] timeless music and an artist gone long before her time," said Dinero according to the article.

Listen to the tribute over at

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