Zedd Announces 'True Colors' Pre-Order: Releases 'Addicted To A Memory FT. Bahari

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Though he wasn't at Coachella this weekend, Zedd still managed to shake things up with the announcement of the pre-order for his upcoming album, "True Colors," along with a new track "Addicted To A Memory," featuring Bahari.

(Audio Below)

The EDM DJ extraordinaire announced the pre-order for his album via Twitter and just like that a new track titled, "Addicted To A Memory" surfaces.

The roller coaster ride that is "Addicted To A Memory" begins with Bahari's hypnotic intro and blossoms into a heavy EDM sound, that is then skillfully combined with Bahari's vocals to create a harmonious mythical sound.

With all of the special announcements and release around him, Zedd still finds time to have some fun on social media and alluded to missing out on the Coachella festivities in LA. "Everybody is at Coachella and I'm just over here like...," tweeted Zedd followed with a photo of him in the studio with his tongue out in a teasing manner.

He later tweeted, "I just felt an earthquake in LA ... who's playing Coachella right now??"

Though he appaears to be busy in the photos, it looks like his heart is at Coachella right now given the amount of attention he is giving it.

Either way the new song is a sign of massive things to come from the upcoming "True Colors" album scheduled to be released on May 19.

Listen to "Addicted To A Memory" below.