Violin Rock Trio, Direct Divide, Drops New Single "Abduction"

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Just in time for the kick-off of their national fall tour, Direct Divide has dropped their newest single "Abduction".

Direct Divide, consisting of Razz on violin and vocals, Kevin Proctor on guitar and keyboards and Valdemar Huguet on drums, first formed in the rainy city of Seattle, but members come from San Francisco, Las Vegas and Seattle.

The mix of origins and people bring together different stories, different lives and different experiences that are all portrayed through the band's musical work.

The group has been permanently on the road for most of 2014, having been on tour since April with over 50 performances under their belt.

Similar to the sounds of Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars and A Perfect Circle, Direct Divide brings strong energy to both their studio releases and live performances by mixing in electric guitar and bass with classical instruments.

The combination is eclectic and unique, something that comes as a surprise to the ears of music lovers. The band's lyrics are emotional, powerful and tell true stories - all supported by the powerhouse femail vocals of Razz.

After listening to their new track "Abduction", I felt a form of power overcome the song.

This single, along with their other songs, all tell stories, true stories that make you want to keep listening and learning more.

As mesmerized as I was after listening to the track, I unknowingly continued listening to the rest of their work on Soundcloud while finishing my work for the day.

The violin rock trio will head out on the road this Thursday, September 18th and tour around the States until mid-November, with more cites and dates to be announced.

By the end of the year, Direct Divide will have completed an album release, a single release, two west coast tours and a national tour - and there's no stopping them there.

For a full list of tour dates, cities and ticket information, be sure to visit - and look for more to come from the talented alternative rock group that is Direct Divide, in the coming months