Crystal Fighters Prepare for Drop of Remix Package

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Crystal Fighters, based in the UK, has had a busy 2013 year.

The trio released a variety of remix EP's earlier in the year, with remixes including "You & I", "Wave" and "LA Calling" (Remixes). Along with a new video release, Crystal Fighters just recently announced that they will be releasing a remix package for "Love Natural" this coming Tuesday, December 17th.

The package will include remixes featuring Gold Top, Touch Tone, Theft, Debian Blak, Zebra Safari, Cajoline and Love Ssega.

The live version and fan favorite of "Love Natural" is also featured on the official soundtrack for Fifa '14, with an unforgettable chorus and poppy sound.

The single is also a staple to Crystal Fighters' sophomore album 'Cave Rave', which is available now.

Earlier this fall, Crystal Fighters wrapped up a US tour with Portugal. the Man. Fans are able to relive the "foot stomping, hand-waving romp of frenetic movement" as described by Billboard about their live performances, through their music video of "LA Calling".

The video captures videos and images of Crystal Fighters' summer journey during their world tour.

The video also features footage from their real-life 'Cave Rave', which took place in August in a cave located in the Basque countryside outside the historic city of Pamplona in Spain.

If you are a fan of fabulous remix with a mix of chill and electronic vibes, be sure to download Crystal Fighters' new remix package of "Love Natural", available Tuesday on V Magazine via Atlantic Records.

To stay up-to-date with news, releases and tour date announcements from Crystal Fighters, visit their website at, and be prepared for many more rad remix releases and live performances from the group in the year to come.