The Torn Images Bask in Success of Recent 'Reviver' Release

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The Torn Images, an alternative indie-rock band from Fountain Valley, California, is basking in the success of their recent album release of Reviver. Dropped in November, the album has succeeded two critically acclaimed EP's the band previously released.

Sounding much like The Pixies, Coldplay and Muse, The Torn Images combines a blend of fuzzed out guitars and pop sensibility into their music, drawing listeners and fans of all music genres including indie, pop, rock and alternative.

The Torn Images formed together as a rock duo in May of 2012, and consists of Briand Arabaca on vocals and guitar, and Jayson Thompson on drums. The band utilizes their musical influences of the British romantic movement and 80's new wave to incorporate into their own music, aside from the alternative and indie-rock sounds.

The band lost drummer, Thompson, but later replaced him with the talent of Tyler De Young.

With two EP's under their belt by November of 2013, The Dawning and Bound for the Morning Sun, The Torn Images were ready to head back into the studio this summer to work on their first full-length album debut.

With the help of OC Music Awards winner for Best Producer, Jonathan O'Brien, the talented musicians joined forces and created a masterpiece which was then released in November as Reviver.

Be sure to take a listen to the full-length album, Reviver, released in November by The Torn Images. Our favorite go-to track? The opener and guitar driven "The Drifting".