Joel Havea Set to Release Upcoming 'Strings & Woods' EP Late May

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Australian born, German transplant singer and songwriter, Joel Havea, is set to release his much anticipated 'Strings & Woods' on May 24th.

In the meantime, there is much to view and listen to in preparation of Havea's release.

For those who are fans of Ben Harper and John Mayer, you are bound to fall head over heals for what Havea has to offer musically.

Joel Havea has an extremely unique musical background and has come from the eclectic music scene of Melbourne, Australia. The singer, songwriter and guitarist has performed alongside his brother, Dave, as part of The Havea Brothers.

The duo began performing live at young ages, dipping their foot in the music industry of Australia's capital.

While creating music with his brother, Joel began to develop a sound of his own, which had an acoustic and reggae vibe.

It was then that he decided to relocate to Hamburg, Germany and create some of his own individual music.

Joel released his debut album 'You Make Me Believe' in 2012, and since than, has been touring around the world spreading the love of his music a number of different countries.

'Strings & Woods' was recorded in 2013 and is a fully acoustic album recorded with guitar, percussion and double bass, portraying a sound that is similar to his live performances and shows.

Watch the mini documentary Joel Havea has released as a preview to his 'Strings & Woods' EP below.

Havea is currently on tour in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Denmark in support of his upcoming release, and just touring across Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Tour dates for the United States for 2014 are soon to come as well, and expected to be planned for the autumn months.
Also be sure to check out the recently released live music video for Joel Havea's single "Going Through The Motions" below.

For more information on releases and tour date announcements from Joel Havea, be sure to visit, and grab your copy of 'Strings & Woods', out on EP May 24th.