Amusiana Delivers Unique Release With 'There's a Bit of Flim Flam in This'

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Come February 2014, Amusiana is set to release their album 'There's a Bit of Flim Flam in This'. They are here to promote their quirky, unique and offbeat music through eclectic mixes that will surprise and entertain listeners.

Amusiana is run by Steve Rowlands and Chris Dinner, who collaborate and work with several different artists to produce this unique music, resulting in a diverse collection that somehow goes well together. The two were neighbors and met each other on a video shoot for another project, Pushmipulyu.

They spent some time together over beers at a local pub, and realized they shared a love for a similar taste in music.

The two work together all night every Thursday to produce music, and still stick to that tradition to this day.

Amusiana's work is a mix of electronica tracks, along with some drum and bass influences, guitars and pianos intermixed, as well as computer sounds.

Also included in the unique pieces produced by Amusiana are some newly invented instruments such as the spoonjar, the platoniacorda and the carpetube bass, which were all built by Rowlands.

'There's a Bit of Flim Flam in This' is a trip that takes a lot of unexpected turns down musical avenues everywhere, giving listeners a sense of freedom of absurdity.

The inspiration for the music comes from many different bits and pieces of everyday life: debt relief cold calls, cardboard tubes found in the streets, road testing new synths, politicians and millionaires speaking, animal YouTube videos, pogo stick and noises from villages that don't exist.

All of the unique pieces can be heard on 'There's a Bit of Flim Flam in This', and be sure to visit Amusiana online at!