Bat For Lashes Releases 'In God's House' Off 'The Bride' Album

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The dark folk sounds of Bat For Lashes return again with the latest single, "In God's House," scheduled to be one of the tracks off of the upcoming album titled, The Bride.

Singer-songwriter Natasha Khan takes it back to the haunting beginnings of Bat For Lashes with the release of "In God's House." The stirring rack tells a story of a a bride waiting for her love in a church on their wedding day. It all goes wrong when all she can see is fire.

The trippy offering comes with a video that is almost kaleidoscopic in nature.

"In God's House" feels like like one of the mysterious offerings that was featured on the Bat For Lashes debut album, Fur and Gold.

Prior to the release, Bat For Lashes shared a few short but eerie clips that hinted to the name of the album.

Last year Khan embarked on a new project called Sexwitch, but she is now returning to the roots with the Bat For Lashes moniker.

There is a little electronic twist in "In God's House" which leads us to believe that there will be experimentation of some sort on her upcoming album The Bride.

Khan announced the release date of The Bride which happens to be July 1 and with the album, Bat For Lashes will be embarking on a tour.

"In God's House" by Bat For Lashes