New, Now and Next: Young Thug

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Atlanta has been known to push out a lot of artists.

Some would even consider them to be "microwaved", you know, popped in the machine and they got hot really fast in a small period of time and that part is unfortunate. I'm all about young entrepreneurship among dreamers and inner city youth, but some of the music that is sprouting up is very disappointing. I hear of a lot of music coming out of Atlanta and some of it is good, catchy, but a lot of trap anthems and a whole lot of stripper theme music.

I would be a liar to say I didn't like a lot of it when I'm in the club getting my "crunk" on. But for my all the time fix its not my thing.

I was put on K. Camp by one of my friends and I was surprised by his stuff. It made me wonder if I would be impressed by whoever else comes out of Atlanta. So as I was combing through my Youtube videos, I saw on the side of the suggested videos there was an artist named "Young Thug". And he had a plethora of songs allot of them were underground. But he had a song called "Im a Stoner" that accumulated a lot of views. So I listened to it and when I did, it hit me like I was smoking the same marijuana that he was. It was like listening to music while bouncing on a spring.

The title made it easy to figure out what the title was going to be. I listened and I listened. After I received my dose from that song I skipped to the other and the other was a song called "Danny Glover". This song was amazing form the beginning.

It has the feel of being in the club all alone with you're favorite vodka mixed drinks slapping against your throat. It was even better to see that there was an unofficial remix from Young Money cash cow Nicki Minaj, and to me that was awesome.

I wanted to see what Young Thug was going to come out with Next.

He has the style of a rock n' roll legend and the raps of a Atlanta front runner. His songs are south anthems and I'm looking forward to seeing whatever her has next.