'Epic Rap Battles of History' Season 4 Launches, Full of Epic Guest Talent

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Epic Rap Battles of History Season 4 has launched. Featuring the rhyming talent of EpicLloyd and NicePeter, the series returned with "Mythbusters vs. Ghostbusters."

Both sides are rapping on the sets for which they are famous. And, with an abundance of guest roles to fill, this rap battle is filled with distinct talent from across cyberspace.

Peter and Lloyd played the Mythbusters, and--in the final verse of the song--they had a guest appearance from actors portraying the show's now-defunct B-Team. The B-Team included appearances from Mary Doodles, Chris Alvarado, and KRNFX.

Mary Doodles makes art videos. Most of her videos involve her making fan art of various cultural icons. Darth Vader, Black Widow from Avengers, Link from Legend of Zelda, and Maleficent are all featured characters in her array of artwork.

KRNFX--real name Terry Im-- is a vocal artist who makes hip-hop compositions. His style is reminiscent of rhythm and blues, but his soaring falsetto and Michael Jackson references are complimented by frenetic rap verses.

The most notable guest appearances for the Ghostbusters were Zach Sherwin and Mark Douglas. Sherwin has collaborated with EpicLloyd in the past. Appearing as Stephen King in "Stephen King vs.

Edgar Allen Poe" and Sherlock Holmes in "Batman vs. Sherlock Holmes," Sherwin contributed a guest verse to Lloyd's "Dis-Raps for Hire" series.

Douglas is a figure on the Barley Political Youtube channel. With lists becoming popular in contemporary journalism, Douglas makes Anti-Lists--comedic videos that lampoon pop culture.

In addition, his channel features the "Super Therapy" series, where famous superheroes talk to a therapist as they divulge their fear and anguish.

For fans of the rhyming cultural and historical figures, Epic Rap Battles of History is back. For more about the popular music comedy series, visit its official website here.