Get To Know: Demitasse

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San Antonio experimental rock band Buttercup has recently been recording as Demitasse (literally meaning "Half a cup"). Turning down the volume and reaching for the acoustic guitars, Demitasse's debut album "Blue Medicine" is a whirlwind of sepia-toned emotion.

The product of personal loss and more than a little gallows humor, Blue Medicine takes careful steps to ensure this no "downer" of a record.

Comprised of Erik Sanden (whom I recently had the pleasure of interviewing) and Joe Reyes, the guys share the duties of vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars and minimal percussion to riveting effect on tracks like "Comfy Coffins." An intriguing part of their touring schedule is the idea of "house gigging." They guys are going city to city playing one night at an intimate house party and then the next night they will play at a local club. The house parties are a captive audience and the guys have found overwhelming support by most party-goers as opposed to a less-engaged listener at a bar or music venue.

The house party also builds interest for the upcoming club gig. I thought this to be a very interesting part of Demitasse.

Blue Medicine is available April 15th via Bedlamb Records with a limited number of copies available in gorgeous blue vinyl.

My interview with Erik was a victim of technical issues, so we will be re-recording later in the month with both guys.

Fans of Simon & Garfunkel, Elliot Smith, Sun Kil Moon and Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska should enjoy the dark and seductive sounds of Demitasse.

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