How Much Money Did Jess Glynne Make on Spotify?

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Jess Glynne recently made news for passing an estimated net worth of $4 million, according to The Squander. But this Internet famous singer didn't make her money where you'd expect.

Who is Jess Glynne?

Jess Glynne became a household name in 2014-2015 for her hit singles, "Rather Be" and "My Love." She became one of the first of the "Spotify celebrities," who gained a large amount of listenership through the Internet and social media/social sharing.

But Glynne wasn't always a music success. According to The Squander, she started her career in music not getting into The X Factor. However, she continued to work at her music, and she eventually got signed by Atlantic Records.

During that period, she worked in several office jobs, and she worked on networking with music executives. Her first hit record was in 2014. And she owed that and several of her subsequent hits to sharing on Spotify.

How Much Did Jess Glynne Make on Spotify?

But how much did Jess Glynne really make on Spotify? According to The Shortlist, Spotify artists make only $0.0014 to $0.0068 per play.

For free users, they make 14/100 of one cent, and for premium users, they make 68/100 of one cent. And that doesn't add up fast.

In fact, artists often make very little on Spotify.

The Shortlist writes that out of that, the artist makes around 15%, and if the artist also wrote the music, he or she makes closer to 25%.

That means Jess Glynne made $21,135 in the first ~4 months after release of her hit Hold My Hand.

According to The Squander, that means Spotify is earning Glynne only a few thousand dollars per month.

But they note that Spotify -- and royalties in general -- only make up a small part of an artist's income. Glynne has been on tour during 2016 and has gone all over the UK performing.

In the end, The Squander estimates Glynne has made a little more than $4 million, which apparently would have been more if not for the post-Brexit fall of the British Pound vs the US Dollar.