Interview With Pittsburgh Dance Punk Band, Nevada Mountains

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This past week, Nevada Mountains, a Pittsburgh indie-rock band with a dance-punk edge, opened up for the post-punk and shoe-gazing band from San Fran, Weekend.

The bands brought a crowd of dancing fans to Brillobox, a quaint venue located in the hip neighborhood just east of downtown Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville.

Before the show, the down-to-earth dudes of Nevada sat down and shared their history and upcoming plans for fans for the coming autumn months.

Nevada Mountains consists of five extremely talented young individuals. Josh Escato is on vocals and guitar and brings the party to the set, putting every bit of heart he has in the performance. Kyle Wacker is on guitar, Brandon Musser is on bass, Trevor Read is on drums and Brian Howe is on programming and synthesizing -- all lending their talents for a spectacular stage performance.

The band, who will celebrate their one-year anniversary together this December, uses influences such as Foals, Bloc Party and Minus the Bear, along with a bit of influence and inspiration from each other.

These influences definitely show in their performances as well as on their newest album, Households. The album was brilliantly recorded 80 percent on their own and can be listened to and downloaded for free at

"Hippies headbanging at a house party show is certainly our most memorable experience while touring as a band," Read said before the show. "But really, anything from playing shows to recording together, everything is a good experience."

As for future plans, they are currently looking to book a lot of smaller weekend tours, branch out of the city, gain a larger fan base and simply just get their music and Households out to the public.

Aside from touring, the guys from Nevada Mountains have been working together on new material. There's no set date for a release -- simply when it is perfected.

After asking a few members of the audience what they thought of Nevada's performance, one fan raved that "it was a very passionate performance, something that was certainly a great time to be a part of" and "I hope to see more come from this local band.

They deserve to succeed."

If you are looking for a danceable indie rock band that will knock your socks off, be sure to check out Nevada Mountains on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for their latest show announcements and tour dates, as well as music releases.

This Pittsburgh dance-punk band isn't one to miss out on!