A Look Into The Get Togethers

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The Get Togethers are an indie-rock band from Nashville. The band recently released their debut album, Home As In Houston in late September and are currently spending their time promoting their hard work to fans and listeners around the country.

The band's first album serves as "a new chapter for this young band, while closing a tumultuous period for the band's lead singer, Bethany Gray Frazier".

The Get Togethers have an extremely unique story behind their formation. Bethany Frazier, the lead singer of the indie band, experienced some extreme lows as a 17 year old back in 2007. Frazier was involved in an affair with one of her female teachers.

The controversy led to private investigations, police reports, court hearings, loss of friends. On top of these harrowing events, Bethany was involved in a high-speed and head-on car crash.

After spending time in Austin recouping and recovering, Bethany met her future band mate and also husband, Daniel Frazier. From then, the singer's life began to rise upwards

With over five years of development, each track on Home As In Houston represents a different month from the year of 2007 for Frazier. These songs go through highs and lows that the singer experienced. Bethany wrote the lyrics to the songs and later put them to music with help from her band mates.

The long process of the album allowed Bethany to get over and cope with the horrific events that took place in her life years ago.

The Get Togethers started working on their debut album in Seattle and completed it in Nashville.

The band has come together through a love for music and each other after experiencing hardships and struggles - their band name suits the quartet perfectly.

The Get Togethers are now spending their time planning and preparing for a tour to promote Home As In Houston.

For those who are fan of the heartfelt sounds of Death Cab for Cutie, Rilo Kiley, The Delta Spirit and Arcade Fire are sure to love The Get Togethers.

To listen to the band and find out more information on tour date announcements and other releases, visit their website at thegettogethers.com.