Carly Rose Sonenclar Links Up With Timeflies for 'Runaway'

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From bursting onto the scene of X Factor with a cover of Nina Simone's "Feeling Good," Carly Rose Sonenclar instantly became a household name.

It's been quite sometime since we've heard new music from her but now, she's back with a new track titled, "Runaway" alongside Timeflies.

(Audio Below)

In under 24 hours, her audition was viewed by millions the world over, and Sonenclar literally became an overnight sensation.

"I first ran into the guys outside of a studio about a year and a half ago. We talked about wanting to write together and were finally able to make it happen last summer.

'Runaway' was initially going to be one of my songs but as the guys were working on their new album they asked if they could play around with it and use it on theirs instead.

I love how it turned out," says Sonenclar.

Since becoming the show's Season 2 runner-up, she has been performing, writing, and recording original music, all while honing her unique sound and developing her songwriting chops in the studio, where the new collaboration with Timeflies was born.

There is no word yet on future releases from Carly Rose Sonenclar, however, this song is a sign that fans might want to get excited for what's to come. You can check out "Runaway" below.

Listen to "Runaway" by Timeflies featuring Carly Rose Sonenclar