Howard Stern Does First Live Show Of 2018, Saving Maria Menounos Wedding, Ronnie's New Poem

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Today on The Howard Stern Show, Howard did his first show in 2 weeks, and his first show of 2018.

On the show, he and the crew reviewed all of the things that happened in 2017, and discussed what they're going to be doing this year.

Howard Stern Saves Maria Menounos' Wedding

Howard Stern revealed that after Maria's fiance Keven proposed to her on the show last year, they had planned to do the entire wedding on the show.

He and Ba Ba Booey planned to have the wack pack officiate, with Beetlejuice as the ring bearer, and everyone in Star Trek uniforms.

But as the planning went along, Howard got concerned about it being too crazy, and ruining Maria's experience.

Howard revealed that when Maria got a New Years Eve gig with Steve Harvey, Keven decided to do the wedding there.

Howard explained that he was happy that Kevin canceled the appearance on the Howard Stern Show, since he thought the wedding would be a disaster.

It turned out that during the wedding on New Years Eve, Keven yelled out "ba ba booey," and he did a tribute to fans of The Howard Stern Show in his vows.

Howard and the Crew Review 2017

Howard had everyone on the show do a 2017 review. It started with new poem from Ronnie. Howard wanted to send the poem to a poetry professor, because he said it was so good. Here it is:

It doesn't matter if you are a girl or guy

for some people the butt hole is the apple of the eye

you can tickle it with a motorized toy

for that girl or boy

or you can insert a finger

to make the pleasure linger

the ultimate goal

is to really fill that hole

with that lovely pole

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