Jeff Bridges Guitar Hero?

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Jeff Bridges has conquered the acting world and like so many actors before him he wants to be a rock star.

Unlike many who have attempted to make that leap, Bridges, who is touring this summer with his country-rock band, The Abiders, may actually be able to pull it of.

The group, named in reference to a line from Bridges' 1996 cult hit "The Big Lebowski," features the actor on vocals, guitar and keyboards, as well as Chris Pelonis (guitar, keys, vocals), Tom Lackner (drums), Randy Tico (upright bass) and Bill Flores (pedal steel).

Their 11-date tour began off August 22 in Hammond, Indiana.

"This will be a fun new experience," Bridges told MusicRadar. "I've never done a tour of the Midwest and East Coast before, so I'm definitely looking forward to it.

The only other time I've played New York was during the Speaking Clock Tour that my buddy T Bone Burnett put together a few years ago.

I was on stage with Leon Russell, Elton John, Elvis Costello and T Bone, so you know, that was pretty terrific."

Bridges has also played a musician on-screen -- Bad Blake in 2009's "Crazy Heart," which led to him releasing a self-titled album in 2011.

Though Bridges seems like another actor who turned to music later in life, he has actually been a guitar player since childhood.

The actor is passionate about music and guitars. He appeared on the cover of Guitar Aficionado magazine and he owns a hand-distressed modern replica of the Country Gentleman custom-made for Chet Atkins in 1959, with its distinctive telltale "single cutaway" where the neck meets the body.

An intricate, elaborate leather strap with silver buckles hangs from it; BAD, the strap reads, in big block letter, Esquire reported in 2011. It is the guitar and strap Bridges played and wore in Crazy Heart.