The Music Hustle: J Staffz

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Music is a tough business these days. Arguably, it always has been, but making it in the industry is a bit like solving a complicated math problem.

It is frustrating and sometimes takes a long time, but it is always satisfying when you solve it. Someone who seems to be solving it is J Staffz ().

With over 160k Twitter followers, he uses social media as his primary form of communication.

He has produced for Taylor Gang, Coke Boys, G-Unit, Street Fam, YMCMB, MTV, HBO, VH1, Warner Brothers & many more.

We feel he is one of the hardest working producers out there right now and we got the opportunity to ask him some questions:

Empty Lighthouse: Tell our readers a little bit about your background
J Staffz: I've been playing piano since I was 6. I took classical lessons for about 10 years. I started making beats when I was 15. When I was 22 I worked with G-Unit. When I was 24 I worked with Wiz Khalifa and Yung Berg. When I was 26 I worked with French Montana, Cory Gunz and Freck Billionaire. Now I'm just trying to help upcoming artists get their name out.

Empty Lighthouse: How did you get involved with music producing?
J Staffz: My friends from high school used to pirate software off Napster and sell it to me with serial numbers so I could use the full versions.

I used to practice everyday until people start noticing around my neighborhood and at school and then one day someone offered me $300 for one.

Empty Lighthouse: Do you ever pick up the mic?
J Staffz: Yeah I did a mixtape with 26 local artists from Toronto called "The Staff Meeting". In February of 2013 I made my own R&B album called "Making Pretty Girls Cry". Recently I've been doing LOTS of features for people.

Empty Lighthouse: Seems like you're a big Twitter guy, what benefit does Twitter have to your career?
J Staffz: Everything to be honest. Everything I've accomplished has been mainly because of the following and the buzz that I've developed on Twitter.

Empty Lighthouse: You've worked with the likes of Tony Yayo, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, etc.

Who was your favorite to work with?
J Staffz: Probably Wiz. It was a few of my friends and my old manager in the studio with me and I liked it.

I like working with upcoming artists the most though.

Empty Lighthouse: What new projects are you currently working on?
J Staffz: Right now I'm just sending beats to writer to putting together songs for TLC and Trey Songz.

Other then that I'm just working on beats.

Empty Lighthouse: Whats the next step for you?
J Staffz: I'm aiming at either getting a hit record with either a major artists or with a new artist.

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