erik Hassle Releases 'Somebody's Party' EP

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Erik Hassle, the Swedish soul-pop singer and songwriter has released his new EP 'Somebody's Party'.

Recently, Hassle has been receiving tons of press surrounding his new and unique sound, along with his releases.

"He's created a new sound all his own with vocals that ache with the passion of Prince and the modern pop nous Timberlake," VICE Magazine recently described the artist's work.

Hassle is an artist, vocalist and songwriter who is known to combine the emotional heat of classical soul music with the sonic sophistication of 21st century pop.

He has stated that creating and producing his own music has allowed him to not only grow within his talent, but also within himself personally, for his own written music is proof of recent life experiences he has encountered.

Erik Hassle is currently in the works of producing his new album, with some plans to announce North American tour dates for later on this year.

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